On populism and the role of politicians – #1 – Alina, 23, Freiburg!

Exciting news!

This is the first interview to be uploaded on this v-log, starring Alina, 23, from Freiburg in Germany.

You can watch it with subtitles in English if you click on “subtitles” (CC)!

I met Alina at my former German-French Highschool, where she attended the same class as my brother Max.

Alina has completed a double-degree in Political Sciences at University of Freiburg/ Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence and is about to move to Dresden to study International Relations for her Master’s.

We talked about European solidarity and populism – two mutually threatening phenomena, since populism often builds on nationalistic views, and European solidarity builds on concern for others.

Alina’s thoughts reflect the difficulty of identifying what is going wrong, what makes populists so strong. But it also delivers some suggestions: enjoy the video!

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